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"We cannot bring about the kind of society I want to see, unless we tackle one of the biggest barriers to social mobility we face today: the national housing crisis. in much of the country, housing is so unaffordable that millions of people who would reasonably expect to buy their own home are unable to do so”. "

Theresa May, Speech to national planning conference, 5th March 2018

"With the partial exception of Spain, the UK is the only advanced economy in which large generation-on-generation progress on both household income and home ownership rates was a feature of the 20th century but has failed to materialise for younger generations so far in the 21st."

Resolution Foundation Cross Countries report, 22nd February 2018

"Many local authorities reported that they were engaging in housing delivery because there was no interest from housing associations in their areas and that housing associations were unwilling to take on affordable properties made available through s106 agreements, and were also being more selective about their tenants."

Professor Janice Morphet and Dr Ben Clifford, University College LondonLocal authority direct provision of housing, 4th December 2017


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We are a specialist consultancy and research organisation, working with housing associations, funders and regulators on risk management, strategic planning and control.

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The sector ramps up development and investment

Despite the fall in property values due to the rent cut, the sector plans to increase development, with 79% of those surveyed by RSM planning to increase development over the next four years. Current investment in development by housing associations is running at £9.3 billion per quarter, with the top eleven housing associations planning to build 52,000 homes over the next three years.

For more information, see the latest edition of the HRS Review.

2018 Members Conference

Our thirteenth Members' Conference will take place on 5th June 2018 at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference will be made available in the members' area after the event.

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