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"From July, we will carefully migrate up to 10,000 claimants, monitoring and adjusting our approach as needs be, before reporting our findings to Parliament. The lessons from the pilot will inform our next steps, but there will be no overall delay. Universal Credit migration will be completed, as planned, by the end of 2023. "

Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, Speech on the future of Universal Credit, 11th January 2019

"Changes in the UKs housing market have disproportionately affected low-income families with children. [...] Rising costs have been largely driven by increasing numbers of low-income families with children living in the private rented sector, due to reduced access to social housing and falls in home ownership. [...] At the same time, the protection provided by Housing Benefit has been weakened. "

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK Poverty Report 2018, 4th December 2018

"There are at least 340 high-rise (over 18 metres) residential towers in the UK that use combustible materials but have not been identified by the Government. Given that the proposed ban only relates to new buildings, there would be no requirement for these to be re-clad. "

Rockwool, Statement on its analysis of combustible materials on buildings, 27th November 2018


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Grenfell Tower Inquiry completes Phase 1

Universal Credit migration limited initially to pilot of 10,000

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has now completed its first phase, raising many learning points for social landlords. In addition, Parliament has given consent for a pilot of 10,000 people to be migrated from legacy benefits onto Universal Credit from July. The government plans to begin the main rollout in 2020 and complete it by the end of 2023.

For more information, see the latest edition of the HRS Review.

2018 Members Conference

Our thirteenth Members' Conference took place on 5th June 2018 at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference are available in the members' area.

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