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"Over the course of this Parliament, the government expects to more than double, in real terms, annual capital spending on housing. Coupled with our resolve to tackle the long term challenges of land supply, this commitment to housing delivery represents a step-change in our ambition to increase the supply of homes for sale and for rent, to deliver a housing market that works for everyone.

Chancellor's Autumn Statement, 23rd November 2016

"Ask almost any question about social fairness or problems with our economy, and the answer so often comes back to housing. High housing costs and the growing gap between those on the property ladder and those who are not lie at the heart of falling social mobility, falling savings and low productivity. [...] We simply need to build more homes. This means using the power of government to step in and repair the dysfunctional housing market. It means using public sector land for more and faster house building. It means encouraging new technologies that will help us to get more houses built faster. And putting in more government investment too."

Theresa May, speech to the Conservative Party Conference, 5th October 2016

"We want to put supported housing on a secure and sustainable footing for the long term and we are not confident that the new system will guarantee this. There are many unanswered questions - for example the size of the devolved funding, whether it will receive an annual uplift, and how the process will work locally."

NHF Response to the government announcement on the future of supported housing, 15th September 2016


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Autumn statement

Philip Hammond's first Autumn Statement included the following announcements in relation to housing and welfare:

  • 7.2 billion of new spending to support the construction of new homes, including spending by housing associations

  • A new National Productivity Investment Fund targeted at transport, digital communications, and research & development, as well as housing

  • 8.2 billion of planned spending on housing from the NPIF to 20/21, aimed at accelerating housing supply, of which 3.4 billion will be for affordable housing, including an additional 1.4 billion for housing associations to deliver an additional 40,000 affordable homes

  • Both the new and the existing funding in the Affordable Homes Programme will be available both for sub-market rent and for sub-market home ownership products

  • 2.7 billion for a Housing Infrastructure Fund to ensure infrastructure is in place in areas of high housing demand to support the supply of up to 100,000 new homes

  • Accelerated construction on public sector land through partnerships with private developers

  • A large regional pilot of the Right to Buy in the housing association sector, enabling up to 3,000 tenants to buy their homes

  • A Housing White Paper "shortly"

  • The LHA Cap in the social rented sector to be delayed until April 2019, although it will apply to all adults on Universal Credit from that date, plus Housing Benefit claimants whose claims began after 1st April 2016

  • Pay to Stay will not be compulsory in the local authority sector, although the government will introduce other measures to ensure that social housing is occupied by those who need it most

  • No plans for further welfare savings on top of those already announced

  • Welfare spending (excluding Job Seekers Allowance and the basic / additional state pension) not to exceed the OBR forecast plus a margin of up to 3% from 2020/21

  • The Universal Credit taper is to reduce from 65% to 63% from April 2017.

2016 Members Conference

Our eleventh Members' Conference took place on 25th February at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference are available in the members' area.

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